Transnational meeting in Brussels, Belgium

Transnational meeting in Brussels, Belgium

9 October 2019

This month, partners met up in Brussels for their 3rd project meeting.

The meeting marked one year of the project, and was the occasion to come to the closing of the first intellectual output of the project, the function profile of the Psych Up Referent. Thanks to a proposal made by AID, the belgian partner, the consortium agreed on what would be their common function profile. Based on that, and on all the activities that led to it, the next step for the partners is to develop their own function profile, adapted to their national contexts.

PSYCHUP_RTN3_pic (5)

Aside from the usual administrative and financial reminders and dissemination update, partners also launched the second intellectual output, which is a training profile for the Psych Up Referent, based on the function profile agreed on IO1.

Next meeting is set in May, hosted by IPSA in Greece, to further develop the project and its outputs.