The Psych Up bank of resources : discover our final output

The Psych Up bank of resources : discover our final output

30 August 2021

The third and last output of the project is a bank of resources for the Psych Up referent. This bank of resources, or tool kit, includes a large panel of resources useful for helping VET professionals to improve support for people affected by psychological disorders.

Therefore, through this tool kit we seek to provide you with kind of a road map that includes reference material to complement your role of learners’ “supporter”. You will find resources that will help you to deepen your skills and knowledge regarding psychological troubles, as well as other types of material that will provide you with new techniques or dynamics to apply in your daily work.

Resources are both theoretical and practical and will notably focus on issues which cause the most difficulties to VET professionals: Ex.: “The specificities of the teaching-learning process when dealing with a person affected by a psychological disorder/disability”; “How to build-up a trustful relation with a person affected by a psychological disorder/disability?”; “How to facilitate the inclusion of a person affected by a psychological disability within a group of trainees?”; “Which parallel activities can profit to the learning process and to the success of the training path?”; “How to involve families and other relevant stakeholders in order to build up a territorial support network?”; “How to set up a more adapted work-linked training?”…

Resources are linked (in)directly to the function profile (IO1) and training frame (IO2), and have various types: articles, websites, guides, podcasts, videos, …

Go ahead and download it on our Resources page.