Spanish get-together : a multiplier event in Santander

Spanish get-together : a multiplier event in Santander

1 July 2021

On June 28th, in Santander, Spanish partner Instituto de investigación sanitaria Valdecilla (IDIVAL) held their Psych Up event gathering various participants: secondary school and vocational training teachers, university lecturers, research and management technicians, trainees, guidance counsellors as well as PhD students.

First part of the event was devoted to the presentation of the project description, objectives and results. Some of the participants were external to the group of teachers who have actively collaborated with us during the implementation of the project. We took advantage of the break in the event to generate a networking context, in order to generate working links precisely with these new affiliates. After the break, participants had the opportunity to exchange about the project and the topics it addresses.

Some attending teachers raised interesting questions regarding the learners they work with. For example, they mentioned the problems specifically faced by immigrant students. With them not knowing the language and coming across many obstacles to professional qualification, they are more likely to develop anxiety, as well as irritability and mood swings that can impact the whole learners’ group.

Another issue raised was drug use. Teachers point out that the age of onset of consumption is getting lower and the percentage of users among students is getting higher and higher. And this clearly comes with many behavioural changes and impacts in class.

In summary, in the light of the teachers’ comments, we reflect on the fact that it is possible that students who present psychological problems also have social problems that are either the origin of the problem or a factor that maintains it. To address these situations, a psychological disturbances referent should be part of a specialised team able to intervene from different approaches. In Cantabria there is already a team of this type working in the compulsory education field. It would be very interesting and useful to extend the role of this team to the areas of vocation and education training, and adult education.