How to improve the support of your learners? A Psych Up webinar in Belgium

How to improve the support of your learners? A Psych Up webinar in Belgium

4 July 2021

On July 2nd it was time for the Belgian partner, AID, to hold its Psych Up event. The webinar began with a small introduction of the event and of AID, the event host.

First part of the webinar was dedicated to give participants a global overview of the project: the Erasmus+ funding, the partners, our objectives and aims, our methodology and logic, a global presentation of the outputs and their aims, as well as reminding the project communication channels where they can find everything about the project.

Second part was held by an external speaker, Marina Mirkes, pedagogic coordinator of the Interfédération des CISP, the representing federation of all socioprofessional inclusion organisations in Wallonia. She presented the sector reference standard for learners’ support, a competence framework developed between 2017 and 2020 with the help of AID. This framework encompasses the role, missions and competences of all workers carrying out a support function/role for the learners in the sector. It is very complementary to what was developed in Psych Up.

Lastly, it was time for a more in-depth presentation of the project outputs. It began with a presentation of the standard methodology we use to develop standard/reference frameworks (which we used for Psych Up). Then we presented IO1 (function profile of the Psych Up Referent) and IO2 (training frame for the Psych Up Referent), as well as the links with them. Once that was done, we presented on overview of IO3 (resource collection). As the output was not yet finalised, we briefly presented it and focused on the 8 Belgian resources we gathered for IO3.

Participants seemed interested by the event and feedback was very positive. As the event gathered various profiles (trainers, guidance counsellors/social workers, coordinators/managers, …), we can hope and expect Psych up powers impact and change on different levels in the socioprofessionnal inclusion sector in Walloonia and Brussels.

If you are curious to see what the event was about, check out the replay right here :