A look on the Sofia Psych Up meeting

A look on the Sofia Psych Up meeting

5 July 2021

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On July 2, 2021, in Sofia’s Hemus Hotel Conference Hall, a final project multiplier event was held by NARHU in order to disseminate and increase the promotion and exploitation of the final results of the “PSYCHUP” Erasmus+ project.

The event was attended by 35 people, including VET schools principals, VET teachers, representatives of regional educational inspectorate and Ministry of education and science.

The event started with an introduction of NARHU and its activities. Then it continued with presentation about the recent problems in the inclusive education in Bulgaria. The next sessions was followed with presentation about the psychological disturbances – main characteristics, techniques and strategies for overcoming potential educational and communication problems were presented.

Then we continued with a presentation of PSYCHUP project and detailed presentation of:

Major part of the event was dedicated to the discussion, sharing own experience by the participants and discussion about exploitation steps. It was also agreed that NARHU’s experts may join some sessions with students in the Autumn semester to provide observations and support to teachers.

Overall very positive feedback was received. The participants appreciated the quality of the project outputs as well as congratulated their comprehensiveness. They confirmed that they will use the project materials in order to include at least 2 referents in their school (due to the size of the organisation one is not enough).

At the end of the event three interviews were filmed:

Antonia Ilieva, VET teacher and medical expert
Bogdana Lozanova, VET teacher
Natalya Valcheva, VET principal

Финално събитие за разпространение на резултатите по проект „PSYCHUP“

На 2 Юли 2021г., в гр. София, Хотел Хемус, Зала: Конферанс 1А се проведе финално събитие за разпространение на резултатите по проект „PSYCHUP“. В рамките на събитието взеха участие учители от професионални гимназии. Бяха представени двата основни интелектуални резултата по проекта:

Презентации от събитието: