A Psych Up webinar in France

A Psych Up webinar in France

28 June 2021

Last June, on the 24th, the first Psych Up event took place in France. Due to sanitary restrictions, the event was held online, organised by both French partners: INFREP (project leader) and ADIS.

The aim of the meeting was to spread the word about Psych Up objectives and outputs, but also to dedicate some time to debates and discussion between participants in order to encourage interaction among them as well as the interest about the subject.

Firstly, it began with a welcome speech by Maria Fernanda, project coordinator from INFREP, in which she briefly explained how INFREP came to the idea of developing the Psych Up project.

As virtual events might not be the appropriate place to incite discussions, it was decided to inaugurate the event with an open question, which was: “What is the first word you think off when talking about psychological disabilities”?

With the help of an online tool called Scrumblr, participants wrote their thoughts on small notes. As soon as the ideas were written on the notes, they appeared on the screen (anonymously). For participants who are not eased with expressing their opinions in a group, scrumblr is a very good option.

Secondly, INFREP continued with a project overview focused on the first stage of the IO1, that is the results obtained through the field study for the definition of the function profile (questionnaires, interviews, on-site visits, focus group and summary report) carried out in France. This enabled participant to have an overview of the disability management panorama.

ADIS presented participants the standard methodology used by Psych Up consortium in the definition of IO1 (function profile of the Psych Up Referent) and IO2 (training frame for the Psych Up Referent), as well as the links between them.

To close-up this section another open question debate was initiated: “What would you need to set up a mental disability referent function in your organisation?”

Lastly the “resources collection” was briefly showcased, with a special focus on the French resources.

Finally, it was time for conclusions and the webinar was closed with an open question: “What two ideas do you hold from the event?”, meaning what are the ideas or the resources they will particularly remember and use in their future work.

The event was recorded and you can watch the replay right here :