Networking to support learners with psychological distrubances : a world café

A few weeks ago, in France, the AFORMAC of Clermont-Ferrand, a training organisation, organised a World café for the trainees currently studiyng to become adult education trainers. The theme of the day : mobilizing a network in the context of support for people with disabilities.

A World café ?

The World café is a creative process that aims to facilitate constructive dialogue and the sharing of knowledge and ideas, with a view to creating a network of exchanges and actions. This process replicates the atmosphere of a café where participants discuss an issue or topic in small groups around tables.

The world Café should be a free, open and creative discussion.


The event

This initiative was organised to enable future trainers to understand disabilities and identify the main players in the field.

Present were a research officer from AGEFIPH, a counsellor and a teamleader from CAP EMPLOI 63, the psychiatry centre of the Clermont-Ferrand University Hospital with a job coach on the « Accompanied Employment » scheme and the head of ADIS Conseil & Formation (ADIS SERVICES), active partner on Psych Up. All of these organisations took part in the focus group organised by ADIS in June 2019, and are experts on the subject.

The exchange took place around 5 sentences, distributed on 5 tables animated by 5 hosts of the organisations metioned above.

The suggested sentences were deliberately confusing, to cause exchanges and reactions from the participants. For example, two of the sentences were :

  • The training course of a disabled trainee must be adapted one or more times.
  • Most psychologicaly affected people experience breaks in their training path

When the time started, participants were dispatched among the tables, and they had 15 minutes to discuss on the table sentence. At each table, 2 participants were in charge to document, on the tablecloth, the key elements of the discussion. That way, ideas, questions and remarks connected from one group to another as people switched tables. At the sound signal, participants switched tables and the process started again.

When all participants went through all the tables, the exchanges were closed by a common summary of the discussions.

The participation of ADIS Conseil & Formation made it possible to talk about the PSYCH UP project and to make the link with existing systems, aids and measures on the themes of employment, training and disability in the region.

Participants were particularly aware of the importance of setting up a network of partners on disability and the need to take better account of psychological disability during training and in-company periods. These conclusions are in line with the ones made by the partners on Psych Up during the development of IO1.

Overall, the event was very succesful, the exchanges were constructive and the future trainers participating seemed benevolent to develop a sensitivity to disability and its impacts on the training paths of the learners… In conclusion, an event as there should be more often !


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